Fall is here!

Drop the summer weight!

Our InfiniteWorkouts will be returning in October! You, a gym, and your own workout, with a trainer there to cheer you on (and keep you safe). Schedule a chat to find out when and how you can get back in shape while we all get our flu shots.

Get InfiniteWorkout™ access, reserved training time, discounts on supplements, personal training, Done for You Meals, and more.
Go fit yourself!
Get your protein, energy, fat burn, boosters, and more here!

Stop worrying about the store shelves and
get Done for You Meals delivered!

Just add your favorite spices and sauces! We love Penzeys spices!

Reimagine your body, reignite your joy

Reshape your body and your life with guided nutrition, supplements, and fitness training.

"One of the best personal training experiences I've had, hands down. I definitely recommend this Infinite Fit to anyone who wants to change their lives for the better."

Your health goals, delivered

Define your goals and receive your customized set of supplements for nutrition, weight control, mood elevation, energy, and workouts.

Your body, chiseled and shaped

Certified Personal Trainers with specializations and expertise in weight loss, nutrition, performance, correction, and more, all at our private studio gym. Your goals, your schedule, your trainer.

Your life, reformed

Clear, simple, and effective workouts, online with at-home equipment, let you set and keep a maintenance routine, experiment with your body's limits, and grow your repertoire of exercises.

Health-focused and full-body centered

Our programs meet physician-prescribed fitness regimens. Use your Health Spending Account, lose your health problems.

Lose, bulk, lean, breathe

Fitness stacks to suit your dreams, training to make it real, and the FitWhip® to make it fun. Lose weight, gain muscle, burn fat, and increase cardiovascular stamina.

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Multiple levels to help you achieve your goals.
Supplements and meals delivered
  • Personal Training for performance, stamina, weightloss, recovery, maintenance, and bulking
  • Boxing for fun and fitness
  • Open gym with trainer present for safety and guided self-training
  • Customized supplement packages, shipped to you, and available for subscription
  • Post-workout FitWhip™ (returning soon)
  • Meal and nutrition planning, with Done For You Meals available for pickup or shipping to you
  • Our training team

    Brad: Intensify



    Chuck: Chisel



    Mario: Design



    Sofia: Endure



    James: Simplify




    Want to work with us?

    We offer event hosting, group training, courses and certificates, and on-site training.
    High-speed WiFi and FitWhip® samples included!


    Owners Brad & Jason

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